'A Green Symphony' A Concert for all Malaysian Youth

'A Green Symphony' - A concert for all Malaysian Youth has reached the final week, where all commitee members are rushing for their job deadlines. In recent months, we attended meetings, roadshows, forums, press conferences, concerts and dinner events with all crew and volunteers for this event. They have worked endlessly to make sure this event runs well. This has been a very fruitful month where all tasks has been completed. We have sold 80% of the tickets and are looking forward for this event, where surprisingly, the event has attracted people from all walks of life, coming for the sake of music and the enviroment awareness. The youth are so keen about this issue.
From this event I can see how the youngsters express their view and idea towards this project. They see, they work, they solve, they complete. The society needs this batch of people to contribute their effort towards the country and people. Much has been done to groom the youth but how many party has really utilise them? We cannot only have input but no output, at the end the youngsters will feel desperate and go to other channels to express their views. Now at Green Symphony we welcome all sorts of ideas and suggestions as these ideas are free and unlimited. We have so many neurons in our brain but yet we never fully utilise it.
In MCA Youth Selangor, we are lucky to have a very youthful Chief, none other than Dr Kow Cheong Wei. I must say that he is very suitable person to become our Youth Chief because he thinks like a youngster and he willing to listen to youngster and be part of them.Like Dr Kow said, "Become a part of the society, you must contribute ideas that benefits all, if not you are just like a dead man in a coffin." He always talks about anything including his childhood story to us and we all feel that he is genuine and humurous
Of course, you need this kind of attitude to get close to the youth of today. Not talking about history, literature, poem, the theory of Einstein. The youngster doesn't like to hang out with people who always talk about politics, business, serious matter and etc as they will feel bored. They feel scared. They feel too attached to protocol, and eventually they will run away. Today youngster are different than those day. They are computer savvy, they want freedom without boundaries, they want attention, they want liberation and the most important they want to have FUN. This batch of youngsters are always exposed to all the international channel thru internet, TV, reality shows and magazines such as CNN, Hollywood movie, Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies, youtube, facebook, friendster, google,ebay, National Geographic, Japanese anime, Cleo, American Idol, Academy Awards, China Idols and many more. We can't prevent them from going thru this channel and thus their knowledge is much updated than any people who don't surf the net. In order to make them join us, you must become part of them, you must join their world by not forcing them to join your world. Before we change them, we must change. Lastly , I wish everybody a good health and may you be happy always.

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Joe 说...

Good, let's go and join MCA youth

High Technology Mobile TV 说...

BN need this leader to take over Selangor

David 说...

Where to buy ticket for green sinfoni?