Landslip nightmare in Taman Kinrara 7

A TAMAN Kinrara 7 resident got the shock of her life when she found out that a landslip had occurred right next to her house last Wednesday.

Chee Show Ying, 57, said she first noticed a broken pipe outside her house, which led her to discover that a large amount of earth had slid down the slope.

The opening was almost 5m wide and 10m deep.

“We are afraid to sleep in the rooms located just next to the slope,” the cleaner, who lives with her son, said.

Chee said a similar landslip occurred in 2006. She sought help from Kinrara MCA service centre chief Dr Kow Cheong Wei in both incidents.

Kow informed the Subang Jaya Municipal Council’s (MPSJ) engineering department, which sent representatives to inspect the site immediately.

“They told me to submit an official letter to request the council to rectify the slope and bear the costs, as had been done in 2006,” he said.

Kow said the 120 plots of land in Taman Kinrara 7, originally named Kampung Tersusun, were given to the residents of the old Jalan Puchong during the road-widening project.

In 2007, RM700,000 was allocated to build a drain from Jalan TK7/1 to Jalan TK7/3.

The road where Chee lives (Jalan TK7/4) does not have proper drainage system.

“The rain water has been seeping into the slope and this caused the landslip,” Kow, who is also the Selangor MCA Youth chief, said.

As such, Kow said the MPSJ should carry out and pay for the repair work this time.

“If the situation worsens, the earth will enter the backyard of the houses located at the foot of the slope in Taman Bukit Kuchai.

“I hope the MPSJ will help Chee,” he said.

However, during a site visit with the engineering department staff on Saturday noon, MPSJ president Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan said the houseowner should bear the costs as the land was privately-owned.

When asked to show a plan of the house, Chee said they were exempted from drawing the plan when she had built the house.

Adnan said the houseowner should have strengthened the slope when building the house.

He added that the MPSJ could help Chee and her son to move to a council home in Bandar Kinrara 6 while the slope was being rectified.

“We will also monitor the soil movement, and, if necessary, increase the height of the gabion wall at the foot of the slope,” he said.

Adnan and the engineering team added that they had no knowledge of the RM700,000 drainage project and the council did not have any pending projects.

Chee took up the offer to stay in the council home temporarily but reiterated that she could not fork out a large sum of money for the repairs.

On another matter, Kow said the MPSJ had allocated RM200,000 to repair a broken culvert in Jalan Bangau and work would start on May 13.

“As for the illegal dump site on a slope near Jalan Bangau 1, the MPSJ should instruct the landowner to clear the rubbish instead of just sending them a warning letter.

“I have been receiving complaints from the houseowners that the smell is unbearable, especially when it rains,” he said.

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