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Quote of the Day

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Hello! Good Day to all my comrades!Today I would like to share with you about the literature of the quotation by a very famous person in the world.First, Robert Louis Stevenson , a poet ,writer and novelist from Scotland has contribute so many of his greatest work towards modern literature.Second,John Quincy Adams was an American diplomat and politician who served as the sixth President of the United States and he's famous in abolish slavery system in America.Third,George Bernard Shaw ,a musician ,literacy critics and artist from Ireland .He is the only person to have been awarded both the Nobel Prize for Literature (1925) and an Oscar (1938) in Europe at that time.
I hope their quote will inspire you to become more optimistic and motivated towards your daily life.Their speeches and quotes is well versed by many people in the world.Sometimes one word can lead you to success and many words will lead you to confusion.May this quotes will lead you to higher achievement.Cheers!

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)
Our business in this world is not to succeed,
but to continue to fail in good spirits.

John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)
If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader.

We must reform society before
we can reform ourselves.


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高祥威:应优惠常用者 每月通关数额减至RM90

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瓜冷马青捐1千助4孤儿 盼抛砖引玉各界伸援手

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"A Green Symphony" - 2 More Weeks~!

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'A Green Symphony' A Concert for all Malaysian Youth

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'A Green Symphony' - A concert for all Malaysian Youth has reached the final week, where all commitee members are rushing for their job deadlines. In recent months, we attended meetings, roadshows, forums, press conferences, concerts and dinner events with all crew and volunteers for this event. They have worked endlessly to make sure this event runs well. This has been a very fruitful month where all tasks has been completed. We have sold 80% of the tickets and are looking forward for this event, where surprisingly, the event has attracted people from all walks of life, coming for the sake of music and the enviroment awareness. The youth are so keen about this issue.
From this event I can see how the youngsters express their view and idea towards this project. They see, they work, they solve, they complete. The society needs this batch of people to contribute their effort towards the country and people. Much has been done to groom the youth but how many party has really utilise them? We cannot only have input but no output, at the end the youngsters will feel desperate and go to other channels to express their views. Now at Green Symphony we welcome all sorts of ideas and suggestions as these ideas are free and unlimited. We have so many neurons in our brain but yet we never fully utilise it.
In MCA Youth Selangor, we are lucky to have a very youthful Chief, none other than Dr Kow Cheong Wei. I must say that he is very suitable person to become our Youth Chief because he thinks like a youngster and he willing to listen to youngster and be part of them.Like Dr Kow said, "Become a part of the society, you must contribute ideas that benefits all, if not you are just like a dead man in a coffin." He always talks about anything including his childhood story to us and we all feel that he is genuine and humurous
Of course, you need this kind of attitude to get close to the youth of today. Not talking about history, literature, poem, the theory of Einstein. The youngster doesn't like to hang out with people who always talk about politics, business, serious matter and etc as they will feel bored. They feel scared. They feel too attached to protocol, and eventually they will run away. Today youngster are different than those day. They are computer savvy, they want freedom without boundaries, they want attention, they want liberation and the most important they want to have FUN. This batch of youngsters are always exposed to all the international channel thru internet, TV, reality shows and magazines such as CNN, Hollywood movie, Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies, youtube, facebook, friendster, google,ebay, National Geographic, Japanese anime, Cleo, American Idol, Academy Awards, China Idols and many more. We can't prevent them from going thru this channel and thus their knowledge is much updated than any people who don't surf the net. In order to make them join us, you must become part of them, you must join their world by not forcing them to join your world. Before we change them, we must change. Lastly , I wish everybody a good health and may you be happy always.

高祥威:促进团结 拨款推动社区活动









高祥威促地方政府 公共场所放分类垃圾桶



Green concert on June 7

PETALING JAYA: In conjunction with Environment Week, the Selangor MCA Youth will be organising a concert called “A Green Symphony” on June 7.

The event, to be held at Segi University College Hall in Kota Damansara, will feature Malaysia’s youth symphony orchestra with Candy Cheah on vocals, Selangor MCA Youth chief Dr Kow Cheong Wei said yesterday.

The guest of honour is Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

For enquiries, please call 03-55410884.

影音区 Video & Audio

[ 2009 年 5 月 16 日 ] 定 格 Freeze Program 宣 传 活 动
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「定格 Freeze for Green」宣传活动之视频与照片

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「定格 Freeze for Green」宣传活动视频



「定格 Freeze for Green」宣传活动照片
马青雪州团长高祥威博士(左五)出席「定格 Freeze for Green」宣传活动时与Club8858会员们合照。



相片集 Photo Album:
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高祥威:政党相互攻击 政治发展呈两极化


高祥威促请民联相关领袖,公布雪州子民基金(Yayasan Selangor)批发奖学金的进展.



另外,高祥威说,马青不同意政府在现阶段调高任何物价,包括RON 97汽油.





「定格 Freeze Program」宣传活动

马青雪州州团已定于7月6日假世纪学院(SEGi University College, Kota Damansara)举办《青之乐 A Green Symphony》交响乐演奏会。

一项造势宣传活动将在明日(星期六)在One Utama进行。届时,约百位年轻男女会在特定的时间进行一项命名为「定格 Freeze Program」的宣传活动。马青雪州团长高祥威博士将莅临现场。

Lower Ground Floor (LG),
Highstreet Zone,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.



Junk doing rehersal for the upcoming 'A Green Symphony' concert

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马青雪州州团职委会第5次会议 5th Committee Meeting of MCA Youth Selangor

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268-268A, Jalan Berjaya 8, Taman Berjaya Sungai Chua,

43000 Kajang. Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Notice is hereby given that the 5th Committee Meeting of MCA Youth Selangor will be held as details follow:

Date : 14 May 2009 (Thursday)

Time : Dinner-7:00p.m.


Venue: Hou How Fook Restoran

268-268A, Jalan Berjaya 8, Taman Berjaya Sungai Chua,

43000 Kajang. Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Let the music do the talking

THE cheering and chattering of the crowd at Jaya One commercial centre in Petaling Jaya took on a romantic mood when soothing strands of violin, guitar and saxophone seeped through the air. A series of sentimental numbers ensued.

The show last Friday was belted out by several members from the National Youth Symphony Orchestra as well as conductor Mayya Musaeva as a prelude to “A Green Symphony”, a concert initiated by members of the Selangor MCA Youth in conjunction with the Environment Week.

The concert to be attended by Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen is slated for June 7, at 6.30pm at the Segi University College Hall in Kota Damansara.

“The main objective of this concert is to showcase our young Malaysian talents in the field of arts and music, and to create awareness among youths the importance of preserving our environment,” said organising chairman Tan Gim Tuan.

Multi-instrumentalist Eizaz Azhar will also be playing solo for jazz and fusion band Funk.

“It is also notable that all individuals involved in this project are below 30 years old,” he added. According to him, apart from the 60-member orchestra, the concert will also feature songstress Candy Cheah who has wowed many with her strong vocal.

Other performances featuring talents in various fields, such as modern dancing, jazz and pop bands, have also been included in the run-up to the concert.

Deputy organising chairman Ray Lee said the concert would be an alternative way to reach out to the masses.

“Many have been said but how many of the messages struck a chord in the hearts of youth? This time around, we let the music do the talking,” he said, adding that the participation of youths in the concert was overwhelming.

For enquiries about the concert, call 019-221 2595, 03- 9543 2201, 03-5541 0814 or visit agreensymphony.blogspot.com or email agreensymphony@gmail.com.

Konsep 1Malaysia

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Salam Sejahtera kepada semua sekalian!Disini saya ingin berkongsi pandangan dengan semua rakan-rakan politik saya di MCA tentang konsep 1Malaysia yang diperkenalkan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang kelima, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.
Sebenarnya konsep-konsep sebegini telah dipupuk sejak lama lagi mahupun di golongan rakyat ataupun kerajaan.Konsep sebegini telah lama dikongsi oleh rakyat Malaysia sebelum merdeka lagi.Biar saya jelaskan apa pandangan saya tentang 1Malaysia.1Malaysia bukan sekadar satu slogan yang dilaung-laung untuk sedap didengar ataupun untuk publisiti jangka pendek.1Malaysia perlu merangkumi semua aspek termasuk minda,inspirasi,keazaman,kreativiti,keikhlasan dan kerharmonian sebagai seorang warga Malaysia.Bukan sekadar perpaduan kaum saja yang boleh merealisasikan visi ini.
Contohnya, seseorang yang berjaya dalam bidang perniagaan perlu mempunyai sikap-sikap tertentu , seperti rajin , tekun , jujur,inovatif ,tepat janji ,tepat masa ,keyakinan,menghormati orang lain ,rendah diri,murah hati dan sebagainya.Ciri-ciri sebeginilah yang membolehkan dia menjadi berjaya atau disegani oleh orang ramai sebaliknya orang yang tak berjaya juga mempunyai sikap-sikap tertentu yang menyebabkan dia tak berjaya seperti malas , senang putus asa, angkuh, tidak menghormati orang lain , busuk hati , kedekut ,tidak bersyukur.
Sebenarnya aspek-aspek sebegini juga seperti konsep 1Malaysia.Untuk menjadikan 1Malaysia sebagai satu kenyataan ataupun satu visi yang berjaya , ia melibatkan sikap-sikap rakyat dan pemimpin supaya dapat berganding bahu untuk merealisasikannya.Tanpa sikap - sikap yang positif atau selaras dengan 1Malaysia maka ia tak akan berjaya.Sepertimana dengan cerita 'orang yang berjaya' tadi,jika seseorang tu tidak peramah,kecil hati, sikap perkauman,hipokrit,fitnah,pentingkan diri sendiri,suka buat kacau bilau,tidak munasabah,tiada kesabaran,tamak,ego,tidak menghormati orang lain,kolot, suka mencaci ,berfikiran sempit maka orang-orang seperti inilah yang menjadikan dunia kacau-bilau.Bah orang kata , kita semua tinggal di satu negara yang besar seperti ikan-ikan yang tinggal bersama di sebuah akuarium yang besar.Jika terdapat seekor ikan A yang tidak berpuas hati dengan seekor lagi ikan B ,ia menyimpan dendam dan terus membuat hal dalam akuarium itu.Ia pun tiap-tiap hari berak dengan banyak didalalm akuarium itu supaya dapat membunuh ikan B itu .Bila hari makin lama , pencemaran air telah berlaku ,semua ikan didalam akuarium jatuh sakit termasuk ikan A dan B, akhirnya semua ikan pun mati.
Perkara ataupun sikap 'lose lose situation' sebegini kena dimusnahkan sama sekali dikalangan rakyat Malaysia.Kita perlu ditanamkan semangat ataupun sikap 'win win situation' untuk membolehkan semua rakyat hidup denagan aman dan harmoni.
Jika rakyat Malaysia pada hari, tidak memupukkan semangat muhibah sepertimana atuk nenek kita yang membinanya , mana mungkin 1Malaysia akan jadi realiti?Kalau kita selalu melihat sesuatu kaum dipandangan yang serong atau negatif, dimanakah ada kemungkinan kita memahami keunikan atau keindahan mereka.Kalau kita selalu mendengar berita-berita negatif tentang sesuatu kaum tanpa turun ke padang dan bergaul dengan mereka ,kita akan menjadi seperti katak dibawah tempurung, asyik dengar orang cakap saja padahal tak pernah kita merasainya atau melihatnya.
Pernah saya makan di satu jamuan perkahwinan di kampung saya , seorang budak melayu dalam umur 6-7 tahun mengayuh basikal lalu dan bertanya dengan saya, " abang ni minum arak ke?" kata si budak itu.Saya jawab ," dik, ni cina teh panas la bukan XO nampak aje macem XO."Sambil tu saya berfikir , kenapa pulak budak ni kata saya minum arak,siapa yang memberi message kepada mereka yang semua orang Cina yang hadir ke jamuan ni mestilah minum arak?Mesti ada faktornya?Sama seperti yang ada setengah-setengah orang Cina yang sentiasa ingat orang Melayu pastinya kahwin 2 atau 3 dalam sepanjang hayat mereka ataupun mereka malas bekerja?Orang India suka pukul isteri ataupun gangster?Orang Cina suka tipu dalam business ,tidak cintakan negara?Adakah fenomena sebegini mengambarkan keseluruhan kaum?Adakah adil jika seseorang daripada kaum itu buat salah maka ia mencerminkan semua?
Kita cuma perlukan satu perkara untuk menjayakan konsep 1Malaysia iaitu 'SIKAP', tak perlu bincang hingga ke bulan ataupun langit.Sikap rasional kena dipupuk sejak kecil lagi.Just simplify and make it simple.We must invest in human capital -to cultivate a good attitude and behaviour among all Malaysian.Let them know how beautiful is Malaysia.Let us marvel every beauty and goodness of every Malaysian.Let us build up this country with sincerity and credibility.
Action speaks louder than words!

Cuba fikirkanlah, salam perkenalan!

《青之乐 A Green Symphony》宣传及造势活动

为配合2009世界环境日及National Youth Symphony Orchestra,马青雪州州团将于7/6/2009在SEGi University College, Kota Damansara 举办《青之乐 A Green Symphony》交响乐演奏会。

一项 宣传及造势活动已定于下列日期、时间和地点进行:

地点:PJ Jaya One Concourse

届时,National Youth Symphony Orchestra将在现场呈现弦乐器合奏及铜管乐器五重奏。歌手Oskar Musaev和爵士乐队Junk也将为大家呈现精彩的演出。














结果,其中一名保安员竟恫言“你相不相信我把你抬到16楼抛下去!(you percaya saya akan angkat you pergi tingkat 16,buang ke bawah)。




























甘榜爪哇分2政府管辖 有问题向谁投诉


地税从30飙至千八 持分层地契大地主申诉