A dump site in the midst of residential area

A SLOPE near Jalan Bangau 1 in Bandar Puchong Jaya has become a dump site.

The land, behind a furniture shop, is covered with construction debris such as rocks and wooden planks.

The residents believe that domestic waste is dumped here as well judging from the stench.

“Those living near the slope are forced to keep their windows closed as the smell is unbearable,” Selangor MCA Youth chief Dr Kow Cheong Wei said.

The residents also fear termite infestation and a clogged river.

“The river at the foot of the slope is clogged with the debris, affecting the flow of rain water,” Kow said after inspecting the site on Wednesday.

He added that the residents had seen foreign workers dumping the waste at the site.

They were told that the tenant, who had leased the land, wanted to fill the land for future use.

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