Wee: Improve your BM

IPOH: Pupils from Chinese and Tamil schools need to improve their proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia as early as at the primary level, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said.

The Deputy Education Minister said pupils in vernacular schools should know the importance of the national language and how it could help them in their education.

Dr Wee noted that the percentage of pupils in vernacular schools scoring As for both Bahasa Malaysia comprehension and writing skills had declined by 2.9% and 3.4% respectively.

“One of the conditions for students to get their SPM is for them to pass or obtain a credit in the Bahasa Malaysia test. Passing the Bahasa test will also help them gain places in local universities,” he said after opening the national-level SJKC and SJKT Bahasa Malaysia Oral and Written Test Prime Minister’s Trophy contest here yesterday.

Dr Wee also noted that Bahasa Malaysia was among the world’s top five most important languages.

“There are some who say Bahasa Malaysia is not important, which is an unfair view. There are many people who use the language internationally,” he added.

Meanwhile, Selangor MCA Youth chief Dr Kow Cheong Wei said society should banish negative thoughts that special education classes were only designed for disabled students.

He added that every student, regardless of their learning abilities, should be treated fairly. This should also include children with learning, communication, emotional or behaviour disorders.

“Their ability to learn independently may be limited. However, we should not lose hope on them.

“Some may take longer than others to achieve their goals. Everyone deserves a chance to excel in education,” Dr Kow said after visiting SJK (C) Chung Hwa in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

He also handed over a donation of RM1,000 to a group of 20 students with special needs at the school.

Also present were Petaling Jaya Utara MCA Youth chairman Tan Gim Tuan and the school’s board of management chairman Hew Wah. The division also donated RM2,400 to the school, which was previously known as SJK (C) Daman­sara.

The original school, located in Section 17, was closed in 2001 due to problems involving traffic jams and noise pollution from the Sprint Highway.

However, it was reopened in 2009 for Year One to Six students and children with special needs.

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